We Want To Hear From You!


Happy 2019! I can't believe how fast last year went and here we are, already at the end of January.

We're coming up on a year of Circles and I'd love your input on how best to move forward as we look into 2019. After hosting over a dozen Circles and Salons, we've gotten a much better understanding of what you want and we're at a bit of a crossroads with the best way to continue.

Here are the biggest takeaways we've gathered so far:

1) You want more time with the community to make deeper relationships with the women in Circles. Sisterhood and friendship matter a LOT. You want a group to call home.

2) You want to be able to come to more events (we know scheduling is tricky and some of you haven’t been able to make it to as many as you’d like).

3) You want time for your self-development and a place to strengthen your intuition, your self-care and your self-knowledge

We have some ideas of how to better incorporate these 3 things, and in order to build our community in this direction, some things will need to change.

This is where you come in. If you're interested in continuing with this sisterhood, what would you think about having a more membership-driven model?

As you know, right now we accept applicants as "members", giving you access to purchase a ticket to the Circles.

We're thinking of switching this up by creating a monthly membership fee that would not only include access to the monthly Circles, but a whole host of other features and community opportunities.

We want your feedback! What "other features" would be most valuable and interesting to you? Would it be small, curated groups that have weekly calls or to hold you accountable for goals and keep you connected to each other? More intimate and frequent activities like dinners and outings? More access to experts and mentors?

Our Secret community’s future is a blank slate right now and we want to co-create it with you. We'd likely charge somewhere between $99-$249 monthly depending on the level you sign up for, etc. What changes to our community would you find most valuable for your money?

You can give us your feedback in two ways:

Schedule a 30 minute feedback call with us

Or email us at hello@secretcircles.com with your ideas!

Thank you SO much for your input. You ARE our community and we don't want to move forward with Secret Circles without knowing what's most important to you.

Really excited to hear your thoughts!



Founder - Secret Circles