This New Year's Eve you have the chance to attend a mysterious masked soirée hosted at a landmark grand estate where people are the decoration. Socialites, artists, and politicians alike are all coming together to experience a thrilling and wild night-- that can never be spoken of again.

Do not expect your typical NYE party.

I have always observed in almost every situation, and I have been in almost every situation, that people tend to cling to their own types. The very rich people, for instance, tend to like the company of very rich people. The international social set likes international socialites. Writers writers, artists artists. I have thought for years that it would be interesting to bring these disparate people together and see what happens.
— Truman Capote

This gathering is one of elites and influencers entering the world of a masked ball, where everyone is shrouded in secrecy, intrigue, intellect, and uncertainty. You won’t know what, or who, is waiting for you around the next doorway. Music, libations, and dancing bookend the night.

While some secrets will be unveiled, others will be kept behind closed doors, saved only for our guests to experience. 

Our motto: The death knell of any party is even a hint of boredom; avoid it at all costs. Like the legendary Elsa Maxwell once said... for goodness sake, do something weird. 

So, ask yourself... who will you be on the other side?